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Mark Zuckerberg his full name Mark Elliot Zuckerberg father Edward Zuckerberg Dentist and mother  Karen Kempner, born on May 14, 1984 (White Plains, New York U.S) is an American computer programmer internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is CEO and co-founder of Facebook a social media/networking website. He is also chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder of his parent company Meta.

Net Worth- $ 59.4 B as of 30-Aug-22 (20th Rank as per real time Bloomberg Billionaire index)


Grimes: She said that the Founder of Facebook is Under-qualified and has dismissed Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to build a Metaverse.

In a post on Twitter, the Canadian musician wrote: “If Zuck ‘oversees the Metaverse’ it is dead and people who care about art and culture are building something else. Also this is bad art.”

She then attached a picture of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse avatar, adding: “The quality of this image alone speaks to how wildly under qualified he is to build alternate reality, literally every indie game looks better”.

Mark Zuckerberg’s – Metaverse Avatar

Grimes is not alone in criticizing the appearance of the Metaverse. Earlier this week, Zuckerberg unveiled a new avatar for himself after the previous version was widely mocked online for appearing “dead-eyed” and “creepy”.

Twitter bursted with comments. ‘Come work for Meta, where the most brilliant technologists of the day have achieved 1995 level graphics,’ one user said.

The negative reaction which followed was not a first for Mark. When Horizon Worlds was first launched in the United States and Canada in December 2021, the internet was less than-impressed. Users’ avatars were rendered as rudimentary, floating torsos, recalling an early 2000s videogame, particularly the Wii with its ‘mii’ avatars which had legs. It wasn’t the aesthetic nor might the standard one expect from a billionaire who claims to be ushering in the digital future.

It’s not easy to be the CEO of Meta today. Mark Zuckerberg is reminded of that most mornings when he wakes up. “ It’s almost like every day you wake up and you’re punched in the stomach,” he told Joe Rogan on his hugely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

You wake up in the morning, look at my phone, get like a million messages,” he said.

It’s usually not good.

 People reserve the good stuff to tell me in person. So Zuckerberg said he took all the information and then did something physical for an hour to reset.

 He said that doesn’t include running for him.

He tries to do anything physical that requires complete concentration. His goal is to be fully engaged physically and intellectually to the point where he can’t afford to focus on anything else. He told Rogan he loves jujitsu there’s something “primal” about it.

Quick Summary

Early Life & Education

Mark Zuckerberg the son of Edward and Karen Kempner was born on May 14, 1984 in White Plains, New York. He and his sisters (1.Arielle, 2. Randi and 3. Donna)  were raised in a Reform Jewish household in New York. His great-grandparents were Jewish from Austria, Germany, and Poland.

He went to high school at Ardsley High School. He was the leader of the team. The New Yorker said that by the time he started classes at Harvard in 2002, he had already achieved a reputation as a programming genius. He was a member of Alpha Eplsion Pi and Kirkland House in his sophomore year, He wrote a program that allowed users to make class selection decisions based on the choices of other students and also to help them form study groups. A short time later, he created a different program called Facemash that allowed students to choose the best looking person from a selection of photos.

The names and pictures of everyone who lived in the student dorms were included in books called Face Books. He put two pictures of two males and two females on the site. According to the votes, there would be a ranking of hotter people on the site. The site was shut down by the college on Monday. Because of its popularity, one of Harvard’s network switches was overwhelmed and prevented students from accessing the internet. Many students complained that their photos were being used without permission. The student paper ran articles stating that the site was completely improper.

Zuckerberg apologized publicly.


Mark Zuckerberg : Photo credit –

In January 2004, he began writing code for a new website.On February 4, 2004, in partnership with his roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chrish Hughes, Facebook was launched. It is possible that an earlier inspiration for Facebook came from the academy.

The prep school where he attended in 2002. The student directory was called “The Photo Address Book” and students referred to it as “The Facebook”.The student social experience at many private schools was influenced by the photo directories.Students were able to list their class years, friends, and phone numbers with them.

Within a week after Site has launched Zuck’s accused by his three Harvard seniors Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winllevoss, and Divya narendra, that he intentionally misleading them into beliving he would help them build a social network named while he was instead using their ideas to build a competing product. They complained to The Harvard Crimson, and the newspaper started an investigation in response.  Zuck tried to convince the news editors not to publish the story, he broke two of the editors email accounts. He did it through the editors private login data logs from the Facebook.

After the official launch of the Facebook social media platform, the three filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg that resulted in a settlement. The agreed settlement was 1.2 million for Facebook shares and $20 million in cash.

Personal Life

Zuckerberg met his future wife, fellow Harvard student Priscilla Chan,  at a frat party during his sophomore year there. They began dating in 2003. In September 2010, Chan, who was by then a medical student at the University of California moved into Zuckerberg’s rented house in Palo Alto On May 19, 2012, they married in the grounds of his mansion in an event that also celebrated her graduation from medical school. On July 31, 2015, Zuckerberg revealed that they were expecting a baby girl and that Chan had previously experienced three miscarriages. Their daughter, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg, was born on December 1, 2015. They announced in a Chinese New Year video that their daughter’s Chinese name is Chen Mingyu.

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