Billionaire Warren Buffet, his philosophies and his lifestyle, are not just relevant for aspiring investors or those who wish to become billionaires. They are relevant for any and sundry. Whether someone wants to make a small investment to fund their kid’s college or someone wants to save some money, Buffet’s strategies will always come handy.


Facts You May Not Know About Warren Buffet is a take on the various attributes of the man and different philosophies by which he has lived his entire life. From staying at the same three bedroom house that he had purchased fifty years back to driving his own car, there are various principles of Warren Buffet that can change anyone’s life.


In the info-graphic, you shall get to explore how a man from humble origins in a world that did not have internet or even a computer, someone who has a IQ of below 160 and has never been an iconic student, went onto become the richest man in the world and stayed as the richest for years after years.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.22.53 PMOccasionally, Warren Buffet was overtaken by Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu along with a few others at the Forbes’ list of the richest but for many years Buffet was number one by many billions. A man who was born a few years after the Great Depression and has withstood the storms of the financial market ever since, Warren Buffet has also steered safely through the recession of the last decade. It is by the virtue of his approach towards life, investments, spending and saving that Warren Buffet remains an icon by his own right. Explore the facts and you shall learn more about this legend.