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20 Best Success Principles By Napoleon Hill
1. Don’t let the trivial stuff ruin relationships

Arguments are present in every relationship, but don’t focus so much on winning the battle as it may actually lead you down the path which ends with you losing the war.

Try to focus on the bigger picture.

So many of us fall victim to our emotions and we unleash some negative words without thinking in the spur of the moment, only to regret it after.

2. Condition your mind to be positive each day

Positivity will open up many doors for you.

Every day you have a choice to either see the world through the eyes of a pessimist or optimist, make the right call. You’ll see the world in a completely different way if you choose the latter and that in return will make the difference which separates you from majority of the masses.

3. Learn the art of selling yourself to other people

Whether you like it or not, you are selling yourself…in every single human interaction.

Whether it is trying to persuade someone to your way of thinking, or getting your children to do something, you are selling yourself.

Learn to present yourself and your commands in a way which leads to acceptance from the other party.

4. Have a good laugh

It’s very important to laugh.

Laughter is truly one of the perks of life.

Laugh! Keep your humor intact.


5. Express gratitude to others

Be kind and gentle towards others. Appreciate them. Never take the ones around you for granite because one day they will be gone. Cherish every moment you have with people because it may be your last.

6. Concentrate on what you can do; then do it!

Focus on the actions you can take and then leap forward and attack.

7. Harness your negative experiences into energy for pursuing your purpose

You can either let negative experiences break you, or you can use them to motivate you to leave your current circumstances behind.

8. Strength grows out of struggle

The struggles you face in life build character. As a result, the struggles you faced yesterday, made you into the person you are today.

9. Learn from everything and everyone

Whether it’s the homeless person down the street, or the lawyer walking by your side in the morning, try to peep knowledge from everyone.

This is one of the traits all successful people seem to have in common.

There are 7 billion plus people, everyone sees the world differently and hence has different experiences which teach them different things, therefore the knowledge they carry may be of extreme value to you. You need to exploit this.

10. Commit to self-improvement

Strive to better yourself. Find parts of yourself you don’t like and make a change. By doing so you’ll slowly evolve into the person you desire to be.

11. Express gratitude for your opportunities

Be thankful for the chances you receive in life, not everyone is as blessed as you.

12. Catch someone doing something right

Appreciate people and their accomplishments. In today’s world people always belittle people when they find someone doing something wrong, you in return should strive to do the opposite.

13. Be open to feedback

Don’t build a wall around yourself which keeps feedback out. Instead embrace it and use it.

You’ll become much better this way.

14. Do not accept what you do not desire

You are in control. If you don’t want something, simply refuse to accept it. What I mean by this is simple. Say you don’t desire mediocrity; well in that case you should take definite actions which result in you not accepting it. An example would be, chasing your dreams and never giving up.

15. Don’t worry about what you cannot control

That brain of yours was designed for genius level activity, it wasn’t made for petty things like worrying about events you have no control over.

16. Completely focus on your definite major purpose

Every day, every moment, every minute, you should be taking actions that are in accordance with your life’s purpose.

Eat, sleep, breathe, it.

17. The cure for feeling sorry for yourself; service

When you play the victims role, you subconsciously tell your mind you are not in control. As a result, you become less capable of taking action which leads to drastic change. Therefore, stop feeling sorry for yourself and rise back up. There are millions of people who have things much worse than you, but they still are walking around with a smile on their face. Perspective is everything.

18. Emulate those you admire

Find people you like and then find what you like about them. More specifically, find the traits you desire. Next, begin to emulate them. Soon, you’ll find yourself with the same traits in place.

19. Cultivate the tone of your voice

The way you speak tells one a lot about who you are. It tells one everything from your confidence level to the way you approach life.

20. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve

Your mind is like a computer, once you program it to achieve something, it will.